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Established in 2014, RealSell Companies is a holding company. RealSell Companies’ primary focus as a holding company is the acquisition of and owning in part or in whole the securities of companies other than banks and exercising a degree of control over the activities of the companies whose securities it holds.

RealSell Companies principal wholly-owned subsidiaries, RealSell Financial Services and RealSell Real Estate Group are engaged in financial advisory and business development services, real estate services, land use planning and economic development activities.  Affiliate partner RealSell Mortgage offers residential and commercial real estate loans as well as commercial business loans. 


RealSell Companies' subsidiaries and its affiliate partner offer a full range of real estate and economic advisory services, loan brokerage services, real estate development and investment services, as well as, land use planning and project management services for both the public and private sector clients. 

RealSell Companies through its team of experienced members are becoming major players in the real estate, residential mortgage/commercial lending, business and economic development industries in both the private and public arenas.  No matter the mission, RealSell Companies can help.

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