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RealSell Financial Services

Realsell Financial Services ("RFS") is your premier provider of financial services. RFS is committed to providing our clients with expert unbiased advice and prudent strategies for ensuring your personal and business success.  Our services are always tailored to your unique needs.


We are focused on serving the comprehensive needs of our clients, providing the most valuable information and resources. We set our clients up in an environment that breed’s success therefore helping make your dreams a reality.


RFS also provides business consulting and coaching that include unparalleled service and performance.  So whether you are an individual seeking the most optimal tax return possible, wanting to start a new business or you are an existing company looking to grow your business and enhance operations, RFS is here to help.


At RFS, we integrate experience, knowledge, consulting and coaching skills, with every assignment, in order to maximize our effectiveness and provide you with real value.  Some of our services are outlined below:

Financial Literacy and Empowerment Training

  • Understanding the basics of banking, finances and budgeting

  • Identity-theft Prevention

  • Tips and tools to address real life financial situations

  • and much more!

Business Structure and Development

We specialize in small business planning; assisting with the planning, development, and implementation.

  • Infrastructure and strategic business development

  • Preparation of business plans, which may or may not include the following components:

    • Executive Summary (mission, vision, summary of business)

    • Mission statement

    • Business Information (legal business name, address, nature of business)

    • Financial Analysis (Income projections, break even analysis, market share)

    • Management (outline organizational structure and management team)

    • Pricing/Branding/Positioning

    • Budget


Business Consulting and Coaching

We provide individuals and companies with expert advice on various topics, whether it’s estate planning, business planning, leadership and management training, financial planning, tax planning or management services, while coaching them through to their success. We pride ourselves on the relationship we have built, and our integrity will not be compromised. We are there with you from start to finish!

Business Development Meetings
Meetings may be face-to-face, over the phone, skype or contact via the email. Basic information is collected about the company. It is not usual to have access to clients financial records, but basic business information is needed.


Business Consulting Services (includes but not limited to)

  • Market Analysis (summary of marketing plan showing demand for product, trends)

    • Market research (market dynamics, products/services, vendors)

    • Target market info

    • Product/Service info

    • Competition

  • Preparation of marketing plans, which may or may not include the following components:

    • Market goals

    • Market strategies

  • Monitoring, Assessing and reporting/documenting your results

  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) Analyses


Business Coaching (which includes)

  • Help businesses strategize, plan, and implement plans and programs into their daily operations for peak performance of the business.

  • Assessment of pricing and profit models

  • Assessment and evaluation of issues and problems, and development of strategies to address


Document Preparation

If you have the need or wish to represent yourself (pro se) in uncontested legal matters, we have the resources that can assist you with the preparation/typing of legal documents to court standards as well as the wherewithal to walk you through the process.  We offer resources affordable, accessible, accurate, fast and friendly service that is provided by experienced, caring people. The overall concept is to help you obtain the finest, most efficient and most accurate document preparation service at reasonable rate.

  • Business Services

    • Buy/Sell Agreements

    • Business Incorporation

    • Fictitious Business Name (DBA)

    • LLC’s

    • NonProfit Corporation

    • Partnership Agreements

We Have Three (3) Requirements for Taking on New Clients:

  1. We must have the experience necessary to deal with the client’s problem.

  2. The client must demonstrate the willingness to devote resources needed to implement the solution.

  3.  We must like the people.

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